About the ifa - us on ourselves

The ifa Institute for Occupational Medicine with its headquarters in Baden was formed in 1995 as an incorporated company through outsourcing by the company medical services of the ABB Switzerland. Dr. med. Dieter Kissling, specialist for general and occupatinal medicine, is the head of the ifa.


The function of the ifa is the occupational medical consultation of firms, the industry and the service sectors. The ifa currently employs 95 members of staff. The ifa has been certified as ISO-9001 since April 2000 and EQUAM since May 2010. In addition to nation-wide occupational medical consultation and a public medical practice, there is also a department for operational promotion of health, actuated in 1997. The ifa health promotion is specialised in the development and implementation of holistic health management. The ifa expanded its extensive services through the introduction of health presence (telemedicine) in 2010.