The concept of the ifa Institute for Occupational Medicine

The ifa was founded my Dr. med. Dieter Kissling, FMH General Medicine and Occupational Medicine through outsourcing by the company medical services of the ABB in 1995. The ifa currently encompasses five business divisions.


1. Primary health care practice

The ifa along with its 25 specialised doctors (general medicine, internal medicine, paediatrics and youth medicine, psychiatry, occupational medicine) are an important general medical practitioners to the people of the Baden region. In addition to running a normal medical practice we also run a HMO centre for SWICA, Provita, Atupri, Helsana, Progrès, sansan, avanex, Concordia, Visana-Gruppe (sana24, Visana and vivacare). All doctors are employed by the ifa and receive a fixed income in return for their activities. The practice in Baden is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Administration and technical examinations including x-rays are all digitally registered. Our doctors also have the opportunity to attain the practical advanced training in the assistant doctor relation in order to acquire the title FMH for occupational medicine. We are an accredited site for advanced vocational training. After being ceritified with an ISO 9001 in 2001 the ifa decided to attain an EQUAM certification. An EPA-assessment took place (European Practice Assessment) and concluded that the ifa along with 90 other large Swiss practices scored above-avarage in the benchmark. Both employees and customer were questioned. The practice was audited and processes checked. This resulted in an EQUAM certification in 2010. There are currently four physiotherapists, three clinical psychotherapists (delegated psychotherapy) and one children's/youth psychologist working at the ifa. During the day the ifa is the contact point in the case of emergencies at the workplace for approx. 10,000 employees of the ABB Switzerland and Alstom Switzerland. There is also an internal emergency number and emergency organisation. As company physicians of the ABB, GE and Bombardier we are responsible for employees abroad (approx. 800 people are abroad daily) and their medical questions including questions concerning repatriation in emergencies around-the-clock.


2. Health Centres

The ifa runs health centres in the locations Baden, Birr, Turgi and Oerlikon. They emerged from the former ABB sanitary stations and were integrated into the ifa by request of the ABB in 1996. The financing takes place through contracted companies (biggest customers: ABB Switzerland, Alstom Switzerland, Bombardier Switzerland). Employees have the opportunity to come to the health centres unannounced during the opening hours in case of a health problem and receive consultation from a specialist. The specialist carries out a triage. In the case of more serious health problems the patient is sent to their GP. All specialists have gathered experience in accident and emergency units or have experience in anaesthetics. The specialists are trained yearly in accident and emergency units. They instruct courses for first aid at the workplace in CPR and layman's defibrillation and as course instructors are thereby always up-to-date with first aid developments.

We also lead campaigns for our contracted companies to promote health prevention.


3. Occupational medicine

The ifa acts as company physicians to the companies ABB Switzerland, Alstom Switzerland and Bombardier Switzerland. Further important partners are: Siegfried Chemie Zofingen, Habasit AG Reinach BL, Migros (MGB, cooperatives, Industries and corporations), PriceWaterhouseCooper, ABB affiliated group and many more mandates.

The occupational medical care extends from the executions of surveys in line with the UVG or ArG to individual problems at the workplace. The ifa regularly heads occupational medical campaigns for in the corporation.


4. Operational health promotion

The field of operational health promotion was founded in 1997. The filed currently incorporates 14 employees. It mainly concerns occupational psychologists and kinetic scientists. The ifa is market leader in the field of operational health promotion in Switzerland. We attend to patients nationwide and also on the adjacent borders in all questions concerning health at the workplace. Our customers are: ABB, Alstom, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, Die Post, SBB, SWICA, AXA Winterthur, Schweizerischer Versicherungsverband, diverse federal offices and many more enterprises.


5. Health Presence (Telemedicine)

The ifa has expanded its extensive offers by another innovative service through the introduction of health presence. Health presence offers the answer to countless questions on medical care. With the help of telemedicine, we can confront the deprivation of primary health care in remote areas in Switzerland and worldwide. Medical consultations for pensioners living in residential neighbourhoods for the elderly will be facilitated, psychotherapeutic care for expats in their own mother tongue will be enabled and consultation hours for employees on isolated oil rigs can be made feasible. All this will be made possible thanks to life size and real-time audio and video transmissions of the highest quality. The ifa has access to the technical equipment as well as the qualified doctors and therapists needed to administrate telemedicine to patients in their home country and abroad.