Every so often, you can get the feeling that you can't quite get something under control or that you've become stagnant, despite having many personal skills. Strategies are being developed in line with coaching in order to initiate things, to attain clarity and to actively take a few steps forwards. The concentration is focused on abilities which are to be rediscovered or further developed. This creative search process, which also encompasses redevelopment, accelerates the natural progression in the favoured direction. Goal finding and orientation are the central themes which run through the consultations. The client should thereby experience that he/she can also master this situation in life.


Possible coaching themes are:

  • Establishment, clarification of essential questions
  • Recognition and fulfillment of your own needs
  • Establishing self-assuredness and self-confidence
  • Performance enhancement
  • Professional orientation
  • Dissolution of dependency
  • Questions of leading, interaction with employees