Health Promotion

The future success of the firm is ever longer and ever more dependant on well qualified, motivated and healthy employees. Health in the holistic sense is an increasingly important economic factor of success for the management. Measures for the promotion of operational health support the institution in the encouragement of healthy employees as well as the development of health promoting institution structures.


The ifa promotion of health offers extensive services in the field of operational promotion of health. It's core competences lie

  • in the development and implementation of operational promotion of health in line with the internal health management (BGM)
  • , in schools of leadership in the field of "soft factors"
  • ,in the conceptual design and introduction to/schooling in an absence management system
  • ,in the execution of actual analyses in the institution (employee and management opinion polls)
  • in the execution of health circles to optimise the conditions of the workplace and interior space
  • in holding reviews/presentations and workshops concerning all helath-relevant topics such as stress, burnout, mobbing, work-life-balance, introduction to BGF, human engineering etc.)
  • in the conceptual design and execution of information campaigns on diverse health topics


The ifa Institute for Occupational Medicine is a member of the Schweizerischen Verband für betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung (SVBGF), Sektion AnbieterInnen (the swiss union for operational health promotion, section offerer).