On the one hand occupational medicine deals with the correlation between occupation and career and on the other hand with people, their health and their illnesses. The goal of occupational health is to promote and obtain the physical, mental and social well-being of the jobholders in all avocations to the greatest extent.


The working world has changed: At the moment 66% of swiss jobholders are active in technical-administrative occupation (primarily screen handling). Occupationally conditioned illnesses have thereby been altered: today jobholders increasingly suffer of affection of the musculoskeletal system and resulting sickness of stress.


Production: Occupational medicine is aware of the specific workplace risks at production work stations. The emergence of occupational diseases can be avoided through its intervention. The firm can thereby save on insurance premiums.

Office area: Occupational medicine has recognised the modified load situation of technical-administrative workplaces. There it works with a preventative and health-promoting approach. Health-promotional programmes enhance job satisfaction and the willingness to perform of the employees.


    Implementation and execution of the sphere of risks within the EKAS guidelines for unions, branches and firms
  • workplace clarification within the range of physical (including human engineering), chemical and biological risks
  • execution of legally compulsory examinations (SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund) prophylaxis, shift work, fire service examinations)
  • Consultation for shift work models
  • execution of firm-specific enquiries (pension scheme examinations, enquiries by the medical review commission, IV (disability insurance) clarification)
  • Consultation in matters concerning human engineering
  • Consultation and inoculation concerning travel medicine
  • Telemedicine for employees abroad
  • Schooling of employees in all occupational medicinal matters (e.g. asbestos, chromium-nickel)
  • Occupational medicinal campaigns (e.g. Human engineering campaigns, skin protection campaigns)
  • Individual consultation for patients suffering from occupational diseases
  • Consultation for problems concerning the indoor climate
  • leadership schooling in the field of "soft factors"