Things to know for HMO Patients

Our health centre offers access to HMO (health maintenance organisation) in addition to conventional medical practice services. HMO is a special model of health insurances. In the HMO model insured patients obligate themselves to always seek out our health centre first in the case of an illness. Real emergencies are exempted. In return for their readiness to always seek out our health centre first, HMO patients receive a premium reduction from certain health insurances. At the moment we are collaborating with the following health insurances:

  • SWICA, Provita
  • Atupri
  • Helsana, Progrès, sansan, avanex,
  • Concordia 
  • Visana-Group (sana24, Visana, vivacare)

We receive a monthly allowance from the insurances with which we pay the expenses of our registered HMO patients (including hospitalisation). As HMO patients declare themselves ready to come to us first if they fall ill, we can thereby carry out a regulation of health care expenditure, enabling us to keep health care costs at a low (e.g. fewer duplicate examinations, fewer unnecessary examinations by expensive specialists). As a HMO-insured patient you would naturally be entitled to the same high quality promotion of health as the conventionally insured patients. Allow us however to guide your medical provision.


Emergencies concerning HMO-insured patients:

Please always contact the health centre first. if you are unable to contact us you should seek out the help of an emergency doctor or an accident and emergency unit; please inform us immediately after the emergency treatment has been performed.


Medical condition:

If a problem cannot be solved with the help of your doctor, there are two ombudsman doctors at your disposal:

  • Dr. med. Alois Beerli, FMH für Innere Medizin,
    Lindstrasse 40, 8400 Winterthur, Tel.: 052 213 48 00
  • Dr. med. Hansueli Schläpfer, FMH spez. Magen-Darmkrankheiten,
    Kasernensrasse 30, 9100 Herisau, Tel.: 071 352 44 77