The psychology department of the Institute for Occupational Medicine is available to all employees of firms which we have an agreement with (within the parameter of occupational medicine and advancement of health) as well as patients of our practice. Through our proximity to all branches of economy we have great amount of experience concerning work-accociated mental-health problems at our disposal. The consultations and therapies are conducted in an individual setting; regular dialogues are offered to supervisors, HR employees, social services and partners whenever possible. Consequently a holistic modus operandi can be guaranteed which in itself positively effectuates the course of the treatment. The persons concerned on their part support the cooperation through their willingness to change and their openness to tryout new behaviour patterns.


The therapeutic functioning orientates itself primarily towards techniques of behaviour therapy and systemic therapy. It goes without saying that elements of depth psychology, logo-therapy and hypnotherapy, catathymic image perception and other humanistic forms of psychotherapy will be incorporated. Medication may also introduced if required (antidepressants, sleeping pills, neuroleptic drugs). In the centre we are solution- and resource-orientated.